Life sometimes takes us to surprising places. When I lost my son 7 years ago I felt I had no words to express myself anymore. I had always journaled , wrote poetry and short prose to express myself, but there were no words. I spent about 7 months grieving and for some reason decided to take a watercolor class. My first teacher was a lovely humble very talented man, Phil Blank. At 85 years old, he was a great teacher. He was very encouraging of my style and helped nourish my love for watercolor. I had never taken a fine art class since elementary school. Although I had always enjoyed playing with clay and messing around a bit with paints and drawing. However, my only classes had been in pottery and clay sculpture in my adult life.

I very quickly grew a great passion for painting. I found I loved the fluidity of watercolor. In my experience the medium wants to move, to surprise, to create the unexpected, It wants to be loose and free. This is much like me. I felt I found an experience with the colors, and the water which helped my soul reach it's place of longing, I fell in love.

I have also been privileged to study with some other great teachers, Ann Hecht, Domenic DeStefano, Jane Miluski and Nancy Barch. All very accomplished and well known artists. Each has given me tools, insights and inspiration to further my creative expression and enjoy!

Last year, although I was hesitant I took a drawing and oil painting class. I am newly infatuated with both of these mediums and hope to continue my journey of exploration and discovery of this exciting part of myself and my life.

I have two other children Lianna and Emily, and a new grandson, Gordon. Finding peace in this world can be a challenge. Painting as an expression of my inner world, spending time in nature and walking and doing yoga help keep my life in balance.

Joanne's work has appeared in many restaurants and stores in her local community of Media, PA. She has been an honored artist in the Media Arts Council Annual Exhibit. Her work is soon to be seen at Tyme Gallery in Havertown, PA. She began Firefly Gallery in Surf City, NJ in 2003 where her art remains on exhibit and for sale.

Koffee Korner - January 2005-2006
La Nas - March 2006
Sorella Boutique - November, 2006
Media Arts Council Annual Exhibit - April 2007
Picaso Resturaunt - December 2008

Media Arts Council